The Eric Zinman Trio /Studio 234 001 1996

Autumn Uprising/Tautology Records 1997

The Free Jazz Play Along CD/Moonfood Records 2001

Eric Zinman Ensemble/Cadence Jazz Records 1187 2006

The Eric Zinman Ensemble Live at Zeitgeist Gallery 11-5-05/ Studio 234 003 2006

The Great Divide/Studio 234 002 2006/ (with William Buchanan and Hugo Manuschevich on Percussion, Glynis Lomon on cello, and Blaise Siwula on alto and tenor saxophones)

New Language Collaborative/Unified Fields/ Ayler Records, Sweden 2008 ayldl-082  (available as download only) from http://www.ayler.com

Wakte Oglaka /Ayler Records, France 2009 aylDL-115 (available as download only) from http://www.ayler.com


All other CD’s are available from Eric Zinman


Eric Zinman Trio/ Studio 234 007 2009


Double Action aylcd-085 2010

Eric Zinman keyboard

Laurence Cook drums and percussion


The Mario Rectzern – Eric Zinman Zorn / Improvising Beings ib07 2011 (France)

Mario Rechtern reeds

Eric Zinman piano


May 2012

Terrible Baubles studio 234 009

Lo Galluccio poetry/voice Eric Zinman piano/keyboard/percussion/voice Jane Wang cello


Rocks in the Sea/ Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1225 2012

Eric Zinman piano euphonium

Benjamin Duboc contrabass

Didier Lasserre drums

Mario Rechtern flute and saxophones



Devototionalien/Not Two Records MW 887-2 Poland

Eric Zinman piano, euphonium

Killian Schrader electric bass, sfx effects

Mario Rechtern sopranino, alto and baritone saxophones

Johannes Krebs drums


On JaZt TAPES 039 – Sweden only $5+shipping

RETREAT/ New Language Collaborative

Ted Daniel trumpet and flugelhorn

 Glynis Lomon cello voice Aquasonic ®

Syd Smart drums Roland Hansonic®

Eric Zinman electric piano



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